My Dream Blogging Room

My Dream Blogging Room

Hey my loves,

Blogging has slowly started to become a full time career for me, I blog and prepare blog posts 24/7. Now I have studio lights I even blog at 10 o clock at night. This has become more than just an amazing hobby. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little blog.

Todays post is all about my dream blogging room in collaboration with Content Mother. I would absolutely love to have a blogging room / office to do my own thing and get work done in. This post is all about my dream room and how I’d have it along with dream Interior.

The room itself would be fairly spacious, I need space for my studio lights, a desk and an area to photograph. The walls would be white because I feel white walls are minimalist and are perfect for bright photos. As well as the fact it makes the room look light and airy.

I’d have a few prints up on the wall. My fave one is from Coconut Lane which says ‘I’m a blogger, what’s your super power?’ I feel that fits me perfectly. I’d also have some tropical prints framed and on the wall.


My desk would be nice and big, I’d have two desks ideally. One for sitting down at and sorting finances and writing blog posts and the other for taking blog photos. I’d have Marble vinyl wrapping on to take those perfect blogger photos. I’d also have a small Ikea tower drawers for keeping all my blog props in. This would include a roll of wallpaper for backdrops and other little props like confetti, faux flowers and trinket dishes etc.


I would also use one of the drawers to keep all PR packages in so they are safe and I know exactly where they are. I’d then use the other drawer to store photographed packages in.

On my work desk I’d have some super cute accessories including some flowers and a pin board above the desk to stick down any information I need,
The windows would have plain white vertical blinds which I can pull up for taking photos and have down when I’m not.


The doors would also be white because I feel that It would go with the simplicity of the room and the rest of the house would have white doors too. Click here to see some perfect doors. I’d have laminate flooring so that it’s easy to wipe up any spillages because I’m super clumsy. I’d say a pale laminate flooring with a nice fur rug laid down. The chair I’d have would be on wheels so I can slide easily form desk to desk with no bother.

I’d have a few floating shelves with some decorative items on, this would be purely for show. Just to make the room look pretty. I’d most likely have some designer bags up there and some shoes. (That’s a real dream as I don’t own anything designer’

What would your dream home or room be? I’d love to know!

A x



  1. Kallista April 19, 2018 / 1:22 am

    This does sound like the dream 😍

    • April 19, 2018 / 3:31 pm

      I’m forever dreaming! One day haha!

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