Dining Out, The Braunton Inn 3 Course Meal Review

Dining Out, The Braunton Inn 3 Course Meal Review

Hey my loves,

Today’s post is something completely different for me, but as you all know. Although my blog is a beauty / fashion blog it also has a lifestyle section. Today’s lifestyle blog post is all about food. My fave thing!

I went to The Braunton Inn, with my mum, mums friend and boyfriend for a lush meal. Normally I won’t lie, I’m one of those people who just buys one course because my anxiety will play up and I will want to go. Not yesterday, yesterday I had the full shabam. I three course meal plus a liquor coffee.

The Braunton Inn is a pub / restaurant from the chain The Vintage Inns. It is situated in the north of Devon in the UK.

The service was absolutely on point, I couldn’t fault it. The staff were kind, smiling and welcoming. I felt so comfortable and didn’t feel awkward asking for things which for me is a big deal because of my Aspergers. They were incredibly helpful when it came to picking what to eat. The lady gave us the normal menu when we had decided to go for the fixed price menu (poor gal over here) The lady wasn’t annoyed or rude when we asked for the different menu. She was super kind and went and got the other menu for us. I wasn’t afraid to ask for anything.

First course – The first course was an absolute gorgeous starter. I really wanted the Prawn And Lobster Salad. Sadly it was sold out so I had the Pate course. It was really nice and came with two long slices of ciabatta bread, some sauces and gherkins which were super Diddy and cute. there was one smooth pate and one thicker, chunkier pate. They were both super yummy and I loved it. The only thing I could fault which is a common problem is the butter wasn’t very easy to spread but I have that problem a lot.


Second course – The second course was my personal fave. It was Hunters Chicken with sweet potato fries. The hunters chicken was a piece of chicken, with a small piece of gammon, a slice of cheddar cheese and a BBQ sauce. Normally hunters chicken comes with a piece of bacon but this one came with a piece of gammon and it was amazing. Not chewy one but and the chicken wasn’t dry at all. It was so yummy and by far my fave course. The sweet potato fries were cooked perfectly, not too hard but not too soft.



Third course – Lastly, was the dessert. I had a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and baileys ice cream. I love Baileys so much so I absolutely loved this course. The brownie was an absolute dream. It was nice and soft in the middle. It wasn’t chewy either. It was the most perfect consistency. I honestly couldn’t fault the Baileys ice cream either. It was lush.


Over all I had an amazing time, it was absolutely lovely. Great food and great company.

I booked my table via the Book a table website. It was so quick and easy. All I had to do was enter a few details and it was done. It was effortless. You can search several restaurants across the whole of the UK in most destinations.



Have you ever booked a table on this website?

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