Helping Banish Scars / cellulite / Stretch Marks With SilliDerm

Helping Banish Scars / cellulite / Stretch Marks With SilliDerm


Hey my loves!

If there’s one thing we always want to banish, It has to be imperfections. Even though each and every one of you are absolutely beautiful and have no need to change a single thing I know that the majority of you wish you could.

I was kindly sent some products from SillaDerm to try out and let you guys know my thoughts. I was sent various products for various concerns. Those being stretch marks, cellulite and scars.

The products are:

  • Scar Gel
  • Scar Spray 
  • Stretch Mark Repair Cream
  • Anti Cellulite Cream

The scar range is one thing I especially could do with. I have some scarring from the past, nothing major but if I could fade it then I definitely would. My personal fave product is the scar spray. It’s so quick and effortless.

I was sent two types of gel one being Dual action. The dual action one is a little more expensive so I am guessing it works quicker or something? Both of them are 100% silicone which has been clinically proven to reduce scars and redness.


The Anti- Cellulite cream was one I was really eager to try as cellulite on my upper legs does my absolute head in. Just call me Cellulite Sally! I’ve used a few times now and I can definitely see a very small difference. It comes with a massager on the end.  It’s designed to break down fat. Sounds ideal to me. It’s also clinically proven to strengthen the skin which can improve the appearance of cellulite. I really love this product, it’s definitely my fave one.


Lastly is the Stretch Mark Repair Cream. Again something I really need. I’ve dabbled with other stretch mark products and not really noticed a difference. I’m using this everyday and have high hopes for it. It’s clinically proven and perfectly safe if you’re pregnant.

Have you tried any of these?

A x

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