Banishing Dark Circles With Caudalie + Other Amazing Benefits

Banishing Dark Circles With Caudalie + Other Amazing Benefits



Hey my loves!

Firstly, Happy Easter! Have a fantastic day if you celebrate it, or whether like me you enjoy chocolate goodies too! 

I’ve been getting a serious lack of sleep recently, I just toss and turn all night. Which results in those dark under eye circles that nobody wants. I’m unlucky enough to get them so easily. It’s so annoying because when I’m makeup free, I just look so tired and drained.

That’s why I was super thrilled when I was very kindly sent the Vine Activ set from Caudalie. It’s not only for dark circles either which is amazing. It also targets wrinkles and can work for lip care too. Wrinkles isn’t so much of a problem for me at 21 but they do say to start early I guess. As for lip care, that is perfect for me because I get such dry lips. Which also sucks!

The gift set contains One full size product and two very luxury samples, I wouldn’t even call them that, they’re simply free gifts. Basically you buy the one product and get two free. How amazing is that?


The products are:

The Smoothing Eye Cream is absolutely amazing, I would buy this over and over. Dark circles are the Bain of my life and this product actually does something. It’s extremely hydrating too, It doesn’t leave my eyes feeling dry. This product is basically a two in one because it’s also a an Anti Wrinkle Lip Cream as well as an Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream and it combats dark circles. Seriously what more could you want from a product?

The Anti – Wrinkle serum is something I was intrigued in. Anything that will add a glow is a must for me. My skin is quite dry and dull and sometimes needs that little boost. I like that this serum really gives my skin that little lift it needs. It’s not drying either, it does add moisture. I really like this product, In fact I think I just love Caudalie full stop.

Lastly, the 3 in 1 moisturiser. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this to begin with. I’m quite fussy when it comes to moisturisers because nothing can add the amount of hydration I want. Lately I’ve been using a Body Butter from The Body Shop because it adds some serious moisture. So it was always gonna be hard to beat. But, saying that. I do like this moisturiser a lot. It isn’t something I would have originally thought of buying but I do really want to use this more. It defiantly has amazing hydration and feels amaze.

Overall, would I buy these products again? Hell to the yes! They’re amazing, good quality and a nice little luxury.

Have you tried these?

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