Achieving Clean Fresh Skin With Nivea

Achieving Clean Fresh Skin With Nivea

Hey my loves,

Remember my blog post about my interview with Look Magazine? If (Read here) They very kindly gave me a goody bag full of Nivea goodies as they’re internship was sponsored with Nivea itself. I always said I would review those products but never actually got around to doing it. So here it is!

I was given some real amazing products, I can’t thank Look Magazine and Nivea enough for the opportunity and the goodies. The products I was given were:

I loved all these products, The micellar water and oil free gel are perfect for taking off that stubborn eye makeup. It’s gentle too which is perfect for me because I get quite sensitive eyes. My personal fave out of the two is the gel because it really doesn’t dry my skin which for me is so important because most products leave me with real dryness.



It’s the same with the cleansing wipes really, they have some hydration in to prevent dried out skin. I know for me personally a lot of wet wipes leave me blotchy because my skins so sensitive but these don’t. I’m going through my second pack already within one month. They gentle enough for my eyes too!


As for the night cream, well what can I say. This moisturiser is the It’s hydrating, nourishing and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I’ve never really used night creams because I just think my normal moisturiser will do the job but after using this one I am really feeling the benefits. I wake up with amazing feeling skin which has made me so much happier. If I was to recommend anything out of these products, it would be this one.



Again, thank you so much to Look Magazine for having me and a big thanks for the Nivea products!

A x



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