Summer Prep With Coola

Summer Prep With Coola



Hey My loves!

Firstly can I just say I’m so sorry for being MIA, I’ve recently been really poorly and recovering from surgery. I’m back and will try to be as frequent as I possibly can!

Despite the recent snow fall we had here in the UK, I am so geared up for summer. I’m done with the winter blues now. It’s cold, wet and miserable. I’m absolutely buzzed for sunshine, warmth and fun at the beach. I can’t wait.

As fun as the lovely summer sunshine is, it’s so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You wouldn’t believe just how damaging they can be to your skin. SPF is vital all year round even when it’s not summer, just remember that too. Most foundations these days contain SPF but when you’re out in the sun a lot sunscreen can be really helpful.

I was recently sent some products by Coola, these were a Mineral Sunscreen and a BB cream both containing SPF.

Firstly let’s talk about the Mineral Sunscreen. It’s perfect for participating in sports because not only is it water resistent for at least 80 minutes. I love that it isn’t greasy, I honestly think for me there is nothing worse. It doesn’t feel dry either though. It’s perfect not only for those who do sports but anyone. It has a high SPF of 30 so will definitely protect.


The Rose Essence Organic Tinted Moisturiser is perfect for those days you don’t want to wear heavy makeup but still want that little something! It’s SPF 20 which is still perfect for days in the sun. Again it’s a mineral sunscreen. It’s water resistant for 40 minutes too for times you want a splash in the pool or sea!


Have you tried Coola?

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