Sleek Makeup, Worth It Or No?

Sleek Makeup, Worth It Or No?



Hey my loves!

I’ve recently been on the hunt for some new makeup, something different that I haven’t tried before. For me that one drugstore brand that I’ve hardly ever used is Sleek Makeup. It’s never really been a go to brand for me. Before this I think I had tried like, one or two things and that was a couple of years ago at best. So when I was kindly sent these products I was over the moon to give them a go and tell you guys my thoughts on them.

I was sent 6 things all together. Two lipsticks, One liquid. Two foundations, an eyeshadow palette and the popular highlighter palette which I must say I had very high hopes for. Did it live up to that expectation though? Let’s start by talking about that one.

Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette RRP – £10


This palette is truly gorgeous, the shades are to die for and the pigmentation had me shook. It come with not only powder highlight but cream highlight too which is perfect for applying underneath powder highlight for an even more pigmented glow. I personally thought £10 was a little steep but at the same time 100% worth the money. I’d defiantly buy this again.

I – Divine Eyeshadow Palette All Night Long RRP – £8.99


Can we just take a moment to truly appreciate this palette. It is so pigmented and the shades are absolutely gorgeous. For £8.99 you really cannot go wrong. It’s 100% worth it. I seriously cannot wait to create some looks with it. I’ve hardly worn makeup lately because I’ve been unwell.. Ugh.

Life Proof Foundation RRP – £8.99


I was sent two shades of this foundation, one was the perfect match and the other was slightly too dark. This foundation claims to be ‘life proof and sweat proof’ I’m not going to lie I wasn’t so sure. I wasn’t overly keen on this foundation as I felt it didn’t sit on my skin right. I haven’t given up on it though. My skins all over the place lately, Oily and breaking out like mad. I will try it again without doubt. But right now, it’s not for me.

Lip VIP in Private Booth RRP – £5.50
Matte Me in Birthday Suit RRP – £4.99


Both of these lipsticks really surprised me, I won’t lie. They are both so affordable and incredibly gorgeous. I would so totally buy these again. Especially the Lip VIP. It’s creamy yet matte and looks so pretty on. I’ve seemed to revert back to normal lipsticks rather than liquid ones but the Matte me is still an amazing lipstick and isn’t too drying. I like that it doesn’t just flake off.

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. POSH February 12, 2018 / 10:34 am

    i do like sleek i used is when i just sarted getting in to make-up. i think it great brand for women who are just getting in to make-up. and dont want o broke the bank. xxx

  2. miasouthertonx February 22, 2018 / 10:28 pm

    I know so many people who love the Sleek highlighting palette and I still need to give it a try as it looks gorgeous and seems so pigmented X

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