Valentines Day Gift or Treat Guide Under £10

Valentines Day Gift or Treat Guide Under £10



Hey my loves!

Firstly, thank god January is over. Am I the only one who thought that month lasted a lifetime. Who else? So the fact It’s now a new month makes me super happy. I have lots of exciting things coming up, Valentines Day, An Interview In London for an internship and Pancake day obviously! Todays post is a Valentines gift or treat guide. The reason I called it that is because not everyone is in a relationship so why can’t it be for anyone? Love yourself too! If that means getting yourself a little treat then go for it! You are the!

This gift guide Isn’t a big one because I have been super busy and had a lot on which you’ll soon find out about but it has some super good treats / gift ideas which are perfect for Valentines Day. None of them break the bank either, winner winner!

  1. Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balms. Shades Innocence, Addicted and Seduction. RRP: £10
  2. Profusion Cosmetics Palettes. Eye And Cheek, Natural.
    RRP: $10
  3. Image Skincare Biomolecular Anti – Ageing Radiance Mask 
    RRP: $40 for 5. P.s This particular one is no longer sold but they have similar ones available. It works out less than $10 per mask. This one Kinda shouldn’t be put in.
  4. Sleek Highlighting Palette. Shade Solstice.
    RRP: £9.99
  5. Hempz Pomegranate Mositurizing Herbal Body Wash 
    RRP: £6.99 P.s The only one I could found sold in the UK was on Ebay. 


Was there anything here you’d like to get? My personal fave is the Caudalie French Kiss Balms. They’re amazing. I highly recommend!

A x

– This post contains gifted content


  1. Nazmin February 10, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    You’re right- Jan did feel long! Anyway, lovely ideas x

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