The Multi Use Eye Mask Which Has Changed My Life

The Multi Use Eye Mask Which Has Changed My Life

Hey my loves!

Do you ever get those really niggling headaches that also give you a really rotten pain in your eyes too? Or perhaps you suffer dry eyes, that too is seriously irritating and very common, particularly during the winter time. I’ve recently been sent the Thera-Pearl Eye Mask to review from Feel Good Contacts. They’re a leading online retailer selling a range of eyecare products from contact lenses to designer sunglasses and of course, this soothing eye mask.

I’ve been suffering headaches a lot lately and I’ve been feeling under the weather too which sucks. Luckily, I got sent this mask just in time. I’ve been using it in the morning and at night but, in different methods. That’s the great thing about this eye mask. It can be used more than one way. That being hot or cold. I like to use it cold in the morning after refrigerating all night to sooth my tired puffy eyes and make me look more awake. God knows I need it.


In the evening, I use it while it’s warm to calm and settle me down so I’m ready for bed. It truly is an amazing product, especially for those who need something to soothe their eyes.

The ability to use it in two different temperature’s, makes it super versatile. It’s microwavable and also suitable for the freezer, whichever suits your needs best. I love how spa like this treatment is, so it makes a great addition to your DIY home spa kit, It feels so soothing and amazing. My personal preference is using it warm, I love the feeling but then again, I am the queen of puffy eyes and dark circles so It really does rejuvenate my eyes.


The Thera Pearl Eye mask is even suitable with those like me who have sensitive eyes, literally anyone can use this and it will help them feel better. I get headaches a lot and I like to use the mask cold then because It cools me down and soothes my headache.

It’s not even expensive either. It’s £7.00 and I even have a discount code for you all to use. Simply enter ‘FEELGOODTIME’ for 10% off your first order.

Remember to only microwave for 15 seconds.

You can check this product out and buy it here.

Like wise you can check their contact lenses out here.

Have you tried this Eye mask? I’d love to know!

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*Sponsored by Feel Good Contacts

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  1. miasouthertonx January 25, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    This masks sounds so cool, it must be so handy to use on a morning to make you look more awake X

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