How To Stay Safe When Online Dating

How To Stay Safe When Online Dating

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Today’s post is about staying safe when online dating. I feel like it is an important topic because many of us use social media, tinder, POF etc and are we really aware of the dangers that can occur when meeting a total stranger of the internet? Just think about that for a moment, we meet people we know absolutely nothing about, what their personality is like and of course whether they’re who they say they are. It’s a pretty scary thought when you think about it. That’s why I’ve created this post to ensure that you’re staying as safe as possible and know what things ring alarm bells.

  1. Do they have a profile picture? – This one is super important, If they don’t have a picture then how do you know what they look like? Are they even who they say they are? They could be posing as a 21 year old male when in actual fact they’re a 60 year old ex convict. I know that sounds scary and I really don’t want to put you off but it’s so important you’re aware of the danger signs.
  2. Do they have more than one picture? – Again following from 1. this is super important. That one profile picture they have could be off the internet. If they have more than one photo uploaded which look pretty genuine then you’re going to be that little bit more safe. I’m aware they could use someone else picture but that’s where 3. comes in handy.
  3. Facetime / skype / Facebook video call them – This is such a helpful way in working out If they are a real person. Do they seem genuine as well, are they what you expected? If it doesn’t feel right then don’t meet them.
  4. Meet in a busy public place – Cutting straight to the point, no one will want to put you in harms way if there are loads of people around. It would be too risky. Another tip is say you’re meeting at the bar, tell the staff if you order a rum and coke it means you want a taxi home. This Is so helpful.
  5. Let someone know where you’ll be and what time. – It’s so vital that someone knows where you are and how long you’ll be there for. If you haven’t called them after so long they’ll know something might not be right and can come looking for you.

I really hope you found these tips helpful and I don’t want to put you off, I just want to make sure you know the precautions to staying safe.

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