OOTD – Warmth With A Touch Of Style

OOTD – Warmth With A Touch Of Style



Hey my loves!

I feel like I always start my blog posts with that line, hey it must be my thing. Anyway, I don’t know about you but this weather in the UK is freeeeeezing. I want to up my fashion game and wear my dresses but I just can’t bear the cold.

So i’ve put together this casual, warm outfit that has a touch of style so it isn’t completely boring. I don’t always add a bit of glam, most days I stay in my pjs when I’m at home. Lately i’ve been wanting to up my fashion game. I’ve figured that if I want to be a serious fashion blogger then I need to have some style, not only that but my personal style. I don’t want to just fit in with everyone else. That’s why I often look in charity shops. It’s amazing that you can find some gorgeous pieces for a fraction of the price and still be helping a good course whilst you’re at it.



I absolutely love charity shops. The amount of clothes i’ve found which are big labels and in immaculate condition is unreal. I honestly don’t care what people think about it, a lot of people go ew but I honestly don’t care. I love a bargain. Thrift shop style!

That’s where this jumper is from. It’s a cotton traders jumper and it still had the labels in. The best bit is it was only £3.50. The reason I wanted it is because I love the trending teddy bear style coats and jumpers. This is basically an amazing alternative.

My jeans and belt are from Primark. The belt is an amazing Gucci dupe too for something like £3.50.

The boots which everyone compliments because they are so bright and quirky are from Ego Official. Check them out!

My bags from Acessorize, it was a present from my sister and I love it! It’s no longer available but here is an alternative.

My hats from Boohoo for £10, yes i bought another Baker Boy hat, i’m obsessed girl! You can buy it here!

I would love to know your thoughts on this outfit!

A x

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