My New Year Goals For 2018

My New Year Goals For 2018

Hey my loves!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s officially 2018, that’s 365 new days and 365 new opportunities. I’m feeling so hopeful for the new year and what lies ahead for me. 2017 was the best and worst year of my life, I met my amazing boyfriend and there was some down patches which I won’t go into detail about. It was an amazing year for my blog, I’ve gained subscribers who I can’t be more thankful for. I’ve worked with some amazing brands too. I couldn’t be more proud of my little blog. It may not be the biggest but it’s my little blog and I do it just as much for me as I do you. It’s my escape from reality where I can just type away and have no worries. Whether one person reads it or 100, I’m still happy with it.

Today’s post may seem a little cliche but seeing as I’m feeling super positive for the year ahead I thought I would go ahead and write this post. So here’s my goals for 2018. Whether they’re little or big I am going to try my hardest to achieve them. Remember though, If you fall of the path don’t worry. You’re only human. Make them achievable for you.


  1. Lose weight – I’d love to lose at least 3 – 4 stone. I’m nearing 15 stone now and it’s gaining rapidly. This year i’m going to give it my best shot. I’ve just bought the 30 Day Blitz by Charlotte Crosby to help me out and I also got a smoothie maker for Christmas so there is no excuse. It’s not only to improve my confidence but for my health too. I’m so unfit and get so breathless. Something has to change.
  2. See more of the world – I’m not going to set an unrealistic goal of travelling the world and seeing some of the worlds top land marks because I don’t have a great deal of money and it will take longer than 12 months for me to save. Even if it’s still In the UK. I’d like to get out there and see some beautiful places and take some amazing pictures. My first goal is to go Paris or somewhere in France. Let’s see if I can do it.
  3. Beat Anxieties Ass – I suffer real bad anxiety and it can be crippling some days. This year is going to be my year which means overcoming anxiety for good. I’m going to try coming off my medication or tweaking it so I feel better. Either way I want anxiety to remain in 2017.
  4. Save!! – I am so bad with money It’s unreal, it burns a hole in my pocket. I would rather buy makeup than pay  for electric. So this year i’m going to knuckle down and cut out buying unneceserry things because they look pretty.
  5. Live life to the fullest – Over the last few years i’ve discovered that life is short and you don’t know when it will come to an end. Take each day as it comes, be the happiest you can and love your loved ones whilst you’re with them. Don’t take life for granted, it’s way too short. Do what makes you happy, cut negative people out and do you.

What’s your new year resolutions?

A x


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