The Makeup Set That Will Slay Winter Blues

The Makeup Set That Will Slay Winter Blues

Hey my loves!

Hope you all had the most amazing Christmas ever! I know I certainly did. I spent it with my boyfriends family in a wooden lodge by the lake, It was amazing! It had the most beautiful views, a hot tub and of course robs mums amazing Christmas dinner. It was truly wonderful to spend it with him and his family. I was even treated to a new smoothie maker and fitness tracker. If you wanna see what I got for Christmas then let me know!

Today’s post is about this Soap And Glory Winter Wonder glam set I picked up at Boots in the Boxing Day sales. All their gift sets was half price, everything! I could have seriously gone crazy but luckily I didn’t. I picked up this set, a Skinny Dip set and a Zoella Notebook. I’m also going to do a review of the Skinny Dip Set so keep an eye out for that!

This set was half price making it £25 which was an absolute bargain seeing as It’s worth over £50. All the makeup items are full size too which makes it even better.



The set contains 

S&G eye shadow palette x6
S&G love at first blush 7.5g*
S&G thick & fast HD mascara black 10ml MLL
S&G supercat black 1.6g
S&G Archery Brow Tint & Pencil Brown
S&G SMP Clear XL
S&G SMP Bare Enough
S&G smoulder kohl

Sadly the brow products too light for me, but the rest of the set is perfect, My fave product is the blusher, not going to lie it’s the main reason I bought the set. I’ve been wanting to try it for so long. I love the way it’s mosaic and shimmery and seriously pigmented. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The eyeshadow is not something i’d usually use but i’m going to try it. I may post a look on these products if you like! The glosses are amazing too, i’ve never liked gloss in all my life but I’ve recently started loving them, I can’t get enough of them. It all started when I was watching a makeup tutorial on youtube and loved the look of it so tried it for myself. The plumping one is crazy good. It does tingle a little but not nothing too unbearable. Eyeliners are again not something I particularly use but I’m going to give it a go. They’re super pigmented and deep black. Again I may post a look using them.

You can buy this set here, It’s still available! 

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