The Monthly Subscription Box For ‘That Time Of Month’?!

The Monthly Subscription Box For ‘That Time Of Month’?!


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We all hate that time of month, right?! You know exactly what I’m talking about girl! From the cramping pains which can I just say suck. To the raging hormones and crying at the simplest things then laughing 2 seconds later. Not to forget the killer breakouts which not only hurt but knock a gals confidence. So this particular brand decided to do something to make having a period that little bit more bearable mixed in with a few treats. That brand I’m talking about is Pink Parcel.

Pink Parcel is a subscription box designed for when miss flow comes to visit. Not only do you get some amazing treats for yourself to pamper and cheer yourself up with but also those vital things you need throughout the day, night and on the go. It’s freakin genius if you ask me.

I love that you even get a little travel pouch to pop in your handbag for when you’re on your travels. You also get some designed for night as well as for during the day. The best part is the box says nothing about periods so nobody is none the wiser. I love that it means I don’t have to have the embarrassment of buying them from the store, no they’re delivered right to my doorstep. Perfect! Each section comes in it’s own box too, so there’s no confusion. They’re clearly labelled too.

You even get to select your period product preferences, delivery date and amount of products you receive each month. Can it get any better than that?



Inside this months box was:

  • Cuppanut Ginger & Tumeric Infusion
  • Lipcote (Best stuff ever for making lipstick last!)
  • Glamazon Highlighting Stick
  • Radiant Glow Sheet Mask
  • Cocoba Chocolate Truffles
  • Nail HQ All In One
  • Swiss Clinic Sanitising Spray 

As you can see you get plenty of goodies for yourself! You’re literally spoilt for choice. I can safely say it cheered me right up!

Have you tried Pink Parcel?

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