Am I A Good Enough Blogger?!

Hey my loves.

Today’s post is something which has been on my mind a lot lately. We live in a world where we try so hard to fit in. We thrive to be perfect and top of the game. Lately i’ve been feeling a little stand out like. I feel like there’s a strong mark to live up to being a blogger. I was thinking my blog wasn’t good enough, I don’t take good enough pictures or my content isn’t quite up to scratch. It’s had me feeling a little low lately because me as a person try so hard to fit in.

You could possibly say i’ve had an epiphany (If that’s the right word to use) Why am I trying so hard to be like other bloggers? My blog is mine, it’s a representation of me not anyone else. Yes my content may be worded differently or my picture might not be as professional as some of my fave bloggers. I take my photos on my phone because I can’t afford a camera at the moment. I try my best. I haven’t been putting 100% into my blog lately but i’m only human. Nobody is perfect, wouldn’t the world be boring if that was the case?

I don’t live in a big city like my fave bloggers where I can attend blogger events and take blogger perfect outfit photos in sleek, modern streets. My photos tend to be in the country or in my local park. My photo style is unique and i’m okay with that. Fitting in isn’t as important as you think. We are all born to be different. It’s our basic human right to be individual.

I’m not skinny, my boobs are a J cup and i’m nearly 6ft. I believe i’m out of proportion but in the same aspect i have to love myself before anyone else ever will. I’m basically a curvy blogger. Brands accept my individuality and still want to work with me and that’s amazing. I couldn’t be more proud that i’ve worked with some amazing names.

I guess my little recap is, don’t try so hard to fit in, be yourself and be unique. It is what makes you, you! Life’s too short to be upset. I’m changing my mindset. If you wanna blog about something different then go for it. If your niche is totally random then that’s amazing. The world needs bloggers that blog about anything and everything. Keep it up!

What do you blog about? If you don’t blog what kind of thing do you like to read?

A x


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