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I can’t believe it’s two weeks or something like that until Christmas?! That’s so crazy. Time is flying by and those gifts need to be bought sooner or later. Don’t worry i’ve actually made a start on mine now! I actually only have a few left to get. My mum being one of them. I was recently sent this gorgeous watch by Browns Family Jewellers. And it came to me that, my mum would seriously love this watch. Now I’m not saying your mum will feel the same but if mine does then some of your mums will right? it doesn’t even have to be for your mum, it could be sister, friend, girlfriend etc.

This watch is by Radleys London and Is absolutely gorgeous. To me it screams elegance and class. Everything my mum loves. It’s a very petite style watch and has a gorgeous charm. It’s a gorgeous gold colour. Every little detail is truly beautiful. To buy this watch It’s £130 which Is pretty steep but I know for some people that’s the kinda price you might spend on your mum after all she is your mum. Hey, you might just want to treat yourself which is cool. I’m all for that! Everyone deserves a treat sometimes!



So, a little more about Browns Family Jewellers. As you can tell by the name Browns is a family run business based in Yorkshire. They’ve been running for over 20 years! They sell gorgeous pieces of jewellery from several different brands!

Check their website out here and check this watch out here.


What do you think of this watch?

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