First Ever Guest Post! Doe Deere Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine 


Doe Deere Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine 

Many women have a morning beauty routine. Each day, they get up, make sure their skin looks good, clean up their faces, and then apply makeup. A beautiful routine helps women focus on the day at hand. Greeting the day knowing that they have something they do every single day can be comforting and soothing. One person who knows the value of such a routine is beauty expert Doe Deere. Deere knows the power of makeup. She also knows the power of sticking a routine each day. Her own beauty routine, as she reveals here, is all about getting the day off on the right foot. Like many modern women, she relies on a set routine, including a morning wake up time to help her feel her best.

Getting Up

For Deere, getting enough sleep is crucial. She knows that she personally needs to have about nine hours of sleep a night. Like many women, she looks for ways to get it. She’s lucky because she does not need to set an alarm clock. She’s always up at 8:30 in the morning. Mornings find her at her best. She loves the stillness and quiet of the early day. This is when she can take some me time. She has breakfast in her home and takes the time to appreciate the view outside of her window. She finds breakfast essential. Among her favorites are grits, fruit and yogurt. She also loves to drink freshly squeezed orange juice. Her juice comes from her own tree in her backyard.

Checking With Her Team

After eating breakfast, Deere starts to communicate with her team. Like so many women, her phone is a crucial part of her life. She also knows that keeping in touch with others is vial. However, she realizes the importance of not letting the phone dominate her life. Her time in the morning is about allowing herself permission to take a breath and get calm before she does anything else. Taking the time for herself is about letting herself prepare for her busy and get in touch with her own creative side.

Putting on Makeup

Once she’s settled and had some time for herself, she then begins with her makeup. She likes to think carefully about ways that she can mix it up in her life. She first uses a face wash. Then it’s her makeup. Like many other women, she likes to use a foundation on her face. The foundation sets the stage for the rest of her makeup. Then she’ll put on some powder. After that, she likes to work on her cheeks and lips. She really loves blush and lipstick. Her own favorites tend to be something with a hint of red to it. Deere uses her own makeup. Her makeup routine can take anywhere from only fifteen minutes or longer when she has an important upcoming engagement. This is her favorite time of the day when she can be herself.

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