Giving The Gift Of Clear Skin This Christmas With Magnitone


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Winter can be harsh on our skin, whether It’s breakouts or dryness. For me It’s both. The cold crisp air is a killer on my poor skin. No amount of my usual moisturisers work and I have to up my game. Part of upping my game is my cleansing / exfoliating regime. Which is all well and good using just your bare hands but If like me you really want to up your game and go one step better than a facial cleansing brush will be perfect for your skin care routine.

This particular cleansing brush Is what I will be talking about today. It’s the Bare Faced Vibra-Sonic Cleansing And Skin Toning Brush. I imagine that’s a tongue teaser to say out loud! So from this point on I’m going to call It the Bare Faced Cleansing Brush. I have actually written a blog post about Magnitone Brushes before but as I said in one of my previous posts I very sadly lost all my blog posts.


The brush Itself Is a gorgeous metallic Green / Blue shade. It’s very compact and looks ultra modern. To buy It costs around £90 which for some Is a little pricey but It is 100% worth It. It’s Innovative and seriously effective. They last ages too. The brush heads are easy to replace and they even come with a warranty. My skin has never looked better to be honest. Yes I still have some breakouts but I can’t clean away an unhealthy diet but they are definitely not as bad and are clearing. As for dryness It’s a thing of the past. Get yourself a decent cleanser which Is well suit to your skin type and an exfoliant. It’s a miracle worker!

I would highly recommend this cleansing brush whether It’s for yourself or a loved one for Christmas!

Do you use a cleansing brush, if so which one?

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