Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas With Jack Wills

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Hey my loves, So you are probably wondering why I am writing this post again right? Well unfortunately I lost my whole content on my blog and I’ve had to start again! 🙁 But I’m looking on the positive side which Is that I still have my blog which Is my pride and joy. So, New year and new blog posts. Officially starting a fresh!

So, where did I leave off, Oh yes. A Stocking Fillers ideas post. So here goes! (again)

Christmas Is drawing closer and it’s important that we have our gifts sorted for the most wonderful day of the year! That includes stocking fillers. This post is specifically about gifts from Jack Wills which sell a whole load of gorgeous gifts including beautiful stocking fillers!

Arcrise Fairisle Mittens – £27.95

These mittens are absolutely gorgeous and a perfect winter warmer, they’re also 3 for 2 meaning you can get the most out of your money. These mitten will defiantly keep you warm during the winter blues!


Wooten Fairisle Pom Pom Hat – £24.99

Again this hat is a perfect winter warmer and a perfect gift to keep your recipient nice and warm. Also on the 3 for 2 offer as well! I’d love this for myself though, heh heh!


Kirkby Cluster Earrings – £9.95

I have fallen In love with these earrings, If my mum / sister / boyfriend bought me these little gems I would be over the moon! They can easily be dressed up or down remaining glam still of course!


Manicure Gift Set  – £16.00

This manicure set is the perfect gift for any makeup lover! I know quite a few of my girly friends who would seriously appreciate something like this! Although myself personally, I don’t look after my nails as much as I should!


Five Body Scrub – £12.95

Is there any better feeling than smooth skin? Not for me! I love having a good pamper sesh and treating myself to some beauty products for a little me time. I know for a fact that so do my friends! So give the gift of smooth skin this year.


Lenham Cluster Necklace – £12.95

You might recognise the style of this necklace from the earring I previously showed you. How cute is the necklace also? They would make a perfect set or just one or the other! Either way It’s beautiful!



What do you think of these cute little gifts? Have you bought any of these? I’d love to know!

*This post was sponsored although all opinions are my own*

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